UPDATE: New Housing Project with Jamii Bora

change for change

For years Ingrid Munro has been working with those living in the Kibera Slums of Kenya to help lift them out of poverty.  Beginning with 50 beggar women, Ingrid was able to establish Jamii Bora into what it is today- one of the largest micro credit unions in all of Kenya.


Today, members join the Jamii Bora SACCO and are able to withdraw a small loan for the start up of a business and create sustainable income.  In being a member, they meet in groups and support one another and hold one another accountable for the re-payment of their first loan.  Once successfully paid back, they may withdraw another loan and so forth.


Ingrid Munro as founder of Jamii Bora, has seen the SACCO and microfinance cycle work well and enable many to have lives that are drastically different than before these opportunities.


Jamii Bora is excited to be launching a Housing Loan Program for those members of the SACCO and who have successfully repaid their loans previously. Owning a business is great, but owning a home is truly the path to leading out of poverty.


Members of the Jamii Bora SACCO now have the following 3 options for types of home loans:


  1. Home Improvement Loan:  Some members have land and a home but are in need of repairs to ensure the safety and stability of their home. This loan would cover the cost of materials and labor for any repairs.
  2. Land Owners, but Need to Build: Other members have already purchased land or have inherited land from other family members and are ready to build a home- just need the resources to purchase materials and hire labor for the building.
  3. Need Land and Ability to Build Home: Lastly, some SACCO members need both to purchase land as well as funds to cover materials and labor for building a home.


Here at MPA we are so thrilled for this next step and advancement of Jamii Bora! We truly believe in the work and power of our partner in Kenya.  Stay tuned for more info and updates as the Housing Project with Jamii Bora develops.